U Shaped Dining Booth


One of the standout features of our dining booth is the ability to customize its dimensions. We understand that every outdoor space is different, so we offer the flexibility to tailor the size of your booth to fit perfectly in your patio or backyard. This personalization lets you make the most of your space while maintaining a seamless aesthetic.

dekton U shaped dining booth made by CC Patio
U Shaped Dining Booth
fire pit dining table booths
L Shaped Dining Booth
traditional fire pit dining table 1
Fire Pit Dining Table
bench with back
Bench With Back
bench no back
floating bar stools black frame
Floating Bar Stool
low back bar stools
Low Back Bar Stool
waterfall accent table bar stools
Waterfall Dining Table
high back taylor bar stools
High Back Bar Stool
Dining Table and Ocean Set
Traditional Dining Table
brooklyn booth outdoor dining
Dining Booth
Daisy Base Dining Table

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